Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9 — Psalm 49

The futility of riches

For the choirmaster, of the sons of Korach, psalm.

Hear this, all nations,
pay attention all who live on earth,
important people, ordinary people,
rich and poor alike!

My lips have wisdom to utter,
my heart whispers sound sense;
I turn my attention to a proverb,
and set my solution to the harp.

Why should I be afraid in evil times,
when malice dogs my steps and hems me in,
of men who trust in their wealth
and boast of the profusion of their riches?

But man could never redeem himself
or pay his ransom to God:
it costs so much to redeem his life,
it is beyond him; how then could he live on forever
and never see the Pit—

when all the time he sees that wise men die;
that foolish and stupid perish both alike,
and leave their fortunes to others.

Their tombs are their eternal home,
their lasting residence,
though they owned estates that bore their names.

Man when he prospers forfeits intelligence:
he is one with the cattle doomed to slaughter.
So on they go with their self-assurance,
with men to run after them
when they raise their voice. Selah.

Like sheep to be penned in She’ol,
Death will herd them to pasture
and the upright will have the better of them.

Dawn will come
and then the show they made will disappear,
She’ol the home for them!
But God will redeem my life
from the grasp of She’ol, and will receive me. Selah.

Do not be afraid when a man grows rich,
when the glory of his house increases;
when he dies he can take nothing with him,
his glory cannot follow him down.

The soul he made so happy while he lived
—‘look after yourself and men will praise you’—
will join the company of his ancestors
who will never see the light of day again.

Man in his prosperity forfeits intelligence:
he is one with the cattle doomed to slaughter.

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