Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 — Psalm 14

The Godless men

For the choirmaster, of David.

The fool says in his heart,
‘There is no God!’
Their deeds are corrupt and vile,
there is not one good man left.
Yahweh is looking down from heaven
at the sons of men,
to see if a single one is wise,
if a single one is seeking God.

All have turned aside,
all alike are tainted;
there is not one good man left,
not a single one.

Are they so ignorant, all these evil men
who swallow my people
as though they were eating bread,
and never invoke Yahweh?

They will be struck with fear,
fear without reason,
since God takes the side of the virtuous:
Deride as you may the poor man's hopes,
Yahweh is his shelter.

Who will bring salvation from Zion?
When Yahweh brings His people home,
what joy for Jacob, what happiness for Israel!

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