Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 — Psalm 6

Prayer in ordeal

For the choirmaster, for strings, for the octachord, psalm of David.

Yahweh, do not punish me in Your rage,
or reprove me in the heat of anger.
Pity me, Yahweh, I have no strength left,
heal me, my bones are in torment.
Yahweh, how long will you be?

Come back, Yahweh, rescue my soul,
save me, if You love me;
for in death there is no remembrance of You:
who can sing Your praises in She’ol?

I am worn out with groaning,
every night I drench my pillow
and soak my bed with tears;
my eye is wasted with grief,
I have grown old with enemies all around me.

Away from me, all you evil men!
For Yahweh has heard the sound of my weeping;
Yahweh has heard my petition,
Yahweh will accept my prayer.
Let all my enemies, discredited, in utter torment,
fall back in sudden confusion.

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