Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 — Psalm 99

God, righteous and holy king

Yahweh is king, the nations tremble;
He is enthroned on the cherubs, earth quakes;
Yahweh is great in Zion.

He is high over all nations;
may they praise Your great and terrible name,
‘Holy is He, and mighty!’

You are a king who loves justice,
insisting on honesty, justice, virtue,
as You have done for Jacob.

Let us extol Yahweh our God,
and worship at His footstool,
‘Holy is He!’

Moses, Aaron one of His priests, and Samuel
His votary, all invoked Yahweh:
and He answered them.

He talked with them in the pillar of cloud;
they obeyed His decrees, the Law He gave them.

Yahweh our God, You responded to them,
a God of forgiveness for them,
in spite of punishing their sins.

Extol Yahweh our God,
worship at His holy mountain,
‘Holy is Yahweh our God!’

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