Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 — Psalm 85

Prayer for peace

For the choirmaster, of the sons of Korach, psalm.

Yahweh, You favor Your own country,
You bring back the captives of Jacob,
You take Your people's guilt away,
You blot out all their sins, selah,
You retract all Your anger,
You abjure Your fiery rage.

Bring us back, God our Savior,
master Your resentment against us.
Do You mean to be angry with us for ever,
to prolong Your wrath age after age?

Will You not give us life again,
for Your people to rejoice in You?
Yahweh, show us Your love,
grant us Your saving help.

I am listening. What is Yahweh saying?
What God is saying means peace
for His people, for His friends,
if they renounce their folly;
for those who fear Him, His saving help is near,
and the glory will then live in our country.

Love and loyalty now meet,
righteousness and peace now embrace;
loyalty reaches up from earth
and righteousness leans down from heaven.

Yahweh Himself bestows happiness
as our soil gives its harvest,
righteousness always preceding Him
and peace following His footsteps.

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