Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28 — Psalm 132

The ark is taken to Zion

Song of Ascents.

Yahweh, remember David
and all the hardships he suffered,
and the oath he swore to yahweh,
his vow to the Mighty One of Jacob:

not to enter tent or house,
not to climb into bed,
not to allow himself to sleep,
not even to close his eyes,
until he had found a place for Yahweh,
a home for the Mighty One of Jacob!

Listen: we heard it was in Ephrathah,
we found it at Fields-of-the-Forest!
Let us go where He is waiting
and worship at His footstool.

Yahweh, go up to Your resting place,
You and Your ark of power.
Your priests are vesting in virtue
and Your devout are shouting for joy.
For the sake of Your servant David,
do not bansih Your anointed.

Yahweh swore to David
and will remain true to His Word,
‘I promise that your own son
shall succeed you on the throne.

‘If your sons observe My covenant,
the decrees that I have taught them,
their sons too shall succeed you
on the throne for evermore.’

For Yahweh has chosen Zion,
desiring this to be His home,
‘Here I will stay for ever,
this is the home I have chosen.

‘I will bless her virtuous with riches,
provide her poor with food,
vest her priests in salvation
and her devout shall shout for joy.

‘Here I will make a horn sprout for David,
here, I will trim a lamp for My anointed,
whose enemies I shall clothe in shame,
while his crown bursts into flower.’

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