Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 — Psalm 58

The Judge of earthly judges

For the choirmaster, tune ‘Do not destroy,’ of David, miktam.

Gods you may be,
but do you give the sentences you should,
and dispense impartial justice to mankind?
On the contrary, in your hearts you meditate oppression,
with your hands you dole out tyranny on earth.

Right from the womb these wicked men have gone astray,
these double talkers have been in error since their birth;
their poison is the poison of the snake,
they are deaf as the adder that blocks its ears
so as not to hear the magician's music
and the clever snake charmer's spells.

God, break their teeth in their mouths,
Yahweh, wrench out the fangs of these savage lions!
May they drain away like water running to waste,
may they wither like trodden grass,
like a slug that melts as it moves,
like an abortion, denied the light of day!

Before they sprout thorns like the bramble,
green or scorched, may the wrath whirl them away!
What joy for the virtuous, seeing this vengeance,
bathing their feet in the blood of the wicked!
‘So,’ people will say, ‘the virtuous do have their harvest;
so there is a God who dispenses justice on earth!’

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