Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9 — Psalm 48

Zion, the mountain of God

Song, psalm, of the sons of Korach.

Yahweh is great and supremely to be praised
in the City of our God
the holy mountain, beautiful where it rises,
joy of the whole world;

Mount of Zion, deep heart of the North,
City of the Great King;
here among her palaces,
God proved to be her fortress.

There was a rallying, once, of kings,
advancing together along a common front;
they looked, they were amazed,
they panicked, they ran!

There they shuddered and writhed
like women in labor,
it was the east wind, that wrecker
of the ships of Tarshish!

What we had heard, we saw for ourselves
in the City of our God,
the City of Yahweh Sabaoth,
God-protected for ever. Selah.

God, in Your Temple
we reflect on Your love:
God, Your praise, like Your name,
reaches to the ends of the world.

Your right hand holds the victory;
Mount Zion rejoices,
the daughters of Judah exult
to have Your rulings.

Go through Zion, walk around her,
counting her towers,
admiring her walls,
reviewing her palaces;

then tell the next generation
that God is here,
our God and leader,
for ever and ever.

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