Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 — Psalm 101

The ideal ruler

Of David, psalm.

My song is about kindness and justice;
Yahweh, I sing it to You.
I mean to make good progress, as the blameless do:
when will You come to me?

In my household, I will advance
in purity of heart;
I will not let my eyes rest
on any misconduct.

I hate the practices of the apostate,
they have no appeal for me;
perverted hearts must keep their distance,
the wicked I disregard.

The man who secretly slanders his neighbor
I reduce to silence;
haughty looks, proud heart,
I cannot tolerate these.

I look to my religious countrymen
to compose my household;
only the man who makes progress,
as the blameless do,
can be my servant.

There is no room in my house
for any hypocrite;
no liar keeps his post
where I can see him.

Morning after morning I reduce to silence
all who are wicked in this country,
banishing from the city of Yahweh
all evil men.

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