Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 — Psalm 7

Prayer of the virtuous under persecution

Lamentation of David, who sang it to Yahweh about Cush the Benjaminite.

Yahweh my God, I take shelter in You;
from all who hound me, save me, rescue me,
or, like a lion, he will carry me off
and tear me to pieces where no one can save me.

Yahweh my God, if I ever
soiled my hands with fraud,
repaid a friend evil for good,
spared a man who wronged me,
then let the enemy hound me down and catch me,
let him stamp my life into the ground,
and leave my entrails lying in the dust. Selah.

Rise, Yahweh, in anger,
awake, my God!
Confront the raging of my enemies,
You who demand that justice shall be done.
Let the nations muster round You in a body,
and then return, high over them.
Yahweh is arbiter of nations.

Give judgment for me, Yahweh:
as my virtue and my integrity deserve.
Bring the maliciousness of evil men to an end,
set the virtuous on his feet,
You righteous God,
assessor of mind and heart.

God is the shield that protects me,
He preserves upright hearts,
God the righteous Judge
is slow to show His anger,
but He is a God who is always enraged
by those who refuse to repent.

The enemy may sharpen his sword,
he may bend his bow and take aim,
but the weapons he prepares will kill himself
and his arrows turn into firebrands.

Look at him, pregnant with wickedness,
conceiving spite, he gives birth to mishap.

He dug a pit, hollowed it out,
only to fall into his own trap!
His spite recoils on his own head,
his brutality falls back on his own skull.

I give thanks to Yahweh for His righteousness,
I sing praise to the name of the Most High.

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