Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29 — Psalm 141

Against the attractions of evil

Psalm of David.

Yahweh, I am calling, hurry to me,
listen to me, I am invoking You.
My prayers rise like incense,
my hands like the evening offering.

Yahweh, set a guard at my mouth,
a watcher at the gate of my lips.
Let me feel no impulse to do wrong,
to share the godlessness of evildoers.

No, I will not sample their delights.
A virtuous man may strike me in reproof, for my own good,
but a wicked one shall never anoint my head with oil!
Daily, I counter their malice with prayer.
When their judges are flung on jagged rock,
they will learn how mild my words have been,
‘Like a millstone smashed on the ground,
our bones are scattered at the mouth of She’ol.’

To You, Yahweh my Lord, I turn my eyes.
I take shelter in You, do not leave me exposed!
Keep me out of traps that are set for me,
from the bait laid for me by evil men.
Let the wicked fall into their own net,
while I go on my way.

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