Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 — Psalm 25

Prayer in danger

Of David.

א, To You, Yahweh, I left up my soul,
O my God.

ב, I rely on You, do not let me be shamed,
do not let my enemies gloat over me!
ג, No, those who hope in You are never shamed,
shame awaits disappointed traitors.

ד, Yahweh, make Your ways known to me,
teach me Your paths.
ה, Set me in the way of Your truth, and teach me,
for You are the God who saves me.

ו, All day long I hope in You
because of Your goodness, Yahweh.
ז, Remember Your kindness, Yahweh,
Your love, that You showed long ago.
ח, Do not remember the sins of my youth;
but rather, with Your love remember me.

ט, Yahweh is so good, so upright,
He teaches the way to sinners;
י, in all that is right, He guides the humble,
and instructs the poor in His way.

כ, All Yahweh's paths are love and truth
for those who keep His covenant and His decrees.
ל, For the sake of Your name, Yahweh,
forgive my guilt, for it is great.

מ, Everyone who fears Yahweh
will be taught the course a man should choose;
נ, his soul will live in prosperity,
his children have the land for their own.
ס, The close secret of Yahweh belongs to them who fear Him,
His covenant also, to bring them knowledge.

ע, My eyes are always on Yahweh,
for He releases my feet from the net.
פ, Turn to me, take pity on me,
alone and wretched as I am!

צ, Relieve the distress of my heart,
free me from my sufferings.
ק, See my misery and pain,
forgive all my sins!

ר, See how my enemies multiply,
and how violent their hatred has grown.
ש, Watch over my soul, rescue me;
let me not be shamed: I take shelter in You.

ת, Let innocence and integrity be my protection,
since my hope is in You, Yahweh.
Redeem Israel, God,
from all his troubles.

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