Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 — Psalm 94

The justice of God

Yahweh, God of revenge,
God of revenge, appear!
Rise, Judge of the world,
give the proud their deserts!

Yahweh, how much longer are the wicked,
how much longer are the wicked to triumph?
Are these evil men to remain unsilenced,
boasting and asserting themselves?

Yahweh, they crush Your people,
they oppress Your hereditary people,
murdering and massacring
widows, orphans and guests.

‘Yahweh sees nothing,’ they say,
‘the God of Jacob takes no notice.’
You most stupid of men, you fools,
think this over and learn some sense.

Is the inventor of the ear unable to hear?
The creator of the eye unable to see?
The punisher of the pagans unable to punish?
Yahweh the Teacher of mankind
knows exactly how men think,
how their thoughts are a puff of wind.

Yahweh, happy the man whom You instruct,
the man whom You teach through Your Law;
his mind is at peace though times are bad,
while a pit is being dug for the wicked.

For Yahweh has not abandoned
or deserted His hereditary people;
for verdict will return to righteousness again,
and, in its wake, all upright hearts.

No one ever stood up for me against the wicked,
not a soul took a stand to save me from evil men;
without Yahweh's help, I should, long ago,
have gone to the home of silence.

I need only say, ‘I am slipping,’
and Your love, Yahweh, immediately supports me;
and in the middle of all my troubles
You console me and make me happy.

You never consent to that corrupt tribunal
that imposes disorder as law,
that takes the life of the virtuous
and condemns the innocent to death.

No! Yahweh is still my citadel,
my God is a rock where I take shelter;
He will pay them back for all their sins,
He will silence their wickedness,
Yahweh our God will silence them.

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