Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29 — Psalm 142

Prayer of a hunted man

Poem of David, when he was in the cave, psalm.

To Yahweh, my cry! I plead.
To Yahweh, my cry! I entreat.
I pour out my supplications,
I unfold all my troubles;
my spirit fails me,
but You, You know my path.

On the path I follow
they have concealed a trap.
Look on my right and see,
there is no one to befriend me.
All help is denied me,
no one cares about me.

I invoke You, Yahweh,
I affirm that You are my refuge,
my heritage in the land of the living.
Listen to my cries for help,
I can hardly be crushed lower.

Rescue me from persecutors
stronger than I am!
Free me from this imprisonment,
and I will thank Your name once more
in the Assembly of the virtuous,
for the goodness You show me.

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