Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 — Psalm 21

Thanksgiving for the king

For the choirmaster, psalm of David.

Yahweh, the king rejoices in Your power;
what great joy Your saving help gives him!
You have granted him his heart's desire,
not denied him what his lips entreated, selah.

For You have met him with choicest blessings,
put a crown of pure gold on his head;
he asked for life, and You gave it him,
length of days for ever and ever.

Great his glory through Your saving help,
You have loaded him with splendor and majesty;
yes, You confer on him everlasting blessings,
You gladden him with the joy of Your presence.

Yes, the king puts his trust in Yahweh,
by grace of the Most High he reigns unshaken.

Your hand will unmask all Your enemies,
You right hand all who hate You;
You will make them like a blazing furnace,
the day that You appear.

Yahweh will engulf them in His anger,
and fir will devour them;
You will wipe their children from the earth,
their descendants from among the sons of men.

Plot though they do to harm You
and weave their plan as they may, they cannot win;
since You will make them turn tail
by shooting Your arrows in their faces.

Rise, Yahweh, in Your power!
We will sing and play in honor of Your strength.

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