Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 — Psalm 31

Prayer in time of ordeal

For the choirmaster, psalm of David.

In You, Yahweh, I take shelter;
never let me be disgraced.
In Your righteousness deliver me, rescue me,
turn Your ear to me, make haste!

Be a sheltering rock for me,
a walled fortress to save me!
For You are my rock, my fortress;
for the sake of Your name, guide me, lead me!

Pull me out of the net they have spread for me,
for You are my refuge;
into Your hands I commit my spirit,
You have redeemed me, Yahweh.

God of truth, You hate
those who serve worthless idols;
but I put my trust in Yahweh:
I will exult, and rejoice in Your love!

You, who have seen my wretchedness,
and known the miseries of my soul,
have not handed me over to the enemy,
You have given my feet space and to spare.

Take pity on me, Yahweh,
I am in trouble now.
Grief wastes away my eye,
my throat, my inmost parts.

For my life is worn out with sorrow,
my years with sighs;
my strength yields under misery,
my bones are wasting away.

To every one of my oppressors
I am contemptible,
loathsome to my neighbors,
to my friends a thing of fear.

Those who see me in the street
hurry past me;
I am forgotten, as good as dead in their hearts,
something discarded.

I hear their endless slanders,
threats from every quarter,
as they combine against me,
plotting to take my life.

But I put my trust in You, Yahweh,
I say, ‘You are my God.’
My days are in Your hand, rescue me
from the hands of my enemies and persecutors;
let Your face smile on Your servant,
save me in Your love.

I invoke You, Yahweh; do not let me be disgraced,
let the disgrace fall on the wicked!
May they go speechless to She’ol,
their lying lips struck dumb
for those insolent slurs on the virtuous,
for that arrogance and contempt.

Yahweh, how great Your goodness,
reserved for those who fear You,
bestowed on those who take shelter in You,
for all mankind to see!

Safe in Your presence You hide them
far from the wiles of men;
inside Your tent You shelter them
far from the war of tongues.

Blessed be Yahweh, who performs
marvels of love for me
in a fortress city!
In my alarm I exclaimed,
‘I have been snatched out of Your sight!’
Yet You heard my petition
when I called to You for help.

Love Yahweh, all you devout:
Yahweh, protector of the faithful,
will repay the arrogant with interest.

Be strong, let your heart be bold,
all you who hope in Yahweh!

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