Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 — Psalm 64

The punishment for slanderers

For the choirmaster, psalm of David.

God, hear me as I make my plea,
protect me from this frightening enemy,
hide me from the wicked and their schemes,
from this mob of evil men,

sharpening their tongues like swords,
shooting bitter words like arrows,
shooting them at the innocent from cover,
shooting suddenly, without warning.

Urging each other on to their wicked purpose,
they discuss where to hide their snares.
‘Who is going to see us?’ they say,
‘Who can probe our secrets?’
Who? He who probes the inmost mind
and the depths of the heart.

God will shoot them with His own arrow,
wound them without warning.
He will destroy them for that tongue of theirs,
and all who see them fall will shake their heads.

Then all will feel afraid,
will tell others what God has done;
they will understand why He has done it.
The virtuous will rejoice in Yahweh,
will make Him their refuge;
and upright hearts will be able to boast.

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