Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 — Psalm 145

Hymn of praise to Yahweh the king

Hymn of David.

א, I sing Your praises, God my King,
I bless Your name for ever and ever,
ב, blessing You day after day,
and praising Your name for ever and ever.
ג, Can anyone measure the magnificence
of Yahweh the great, and His inexpressible grandeur?
ד, Celebrating Your acts of power,
one age shall praise Your doings to another.
ה, Oh, the splendor of Your glory, Your renown!
I tell myself the story of Your marvelous deeds.
ו, Men will proclaim Your fearful power
and I shall assert Your greatness;
ז, they will celebrate Your generous kindness
and joyfully acclaim Your righteousness.
ח, He, Yahweh is merciful and tenderhearted,
slow to anger, very loving,
ט, and universally kind; Yahweh's tenderness
embraces all His creatures.
י, Yahweh, all Your creatures thanks You,
and Your faithful bless You.
כ, Kingly and glorious they proclaim You,
they affirm Your might.
ל, Let mankind learn Your acts of power,
and the majestic glory of Your sovereignty!
מ, Your sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty,
Your empire lasts from age to age.
נ, Always true to His promises,
Yahweh shows love in all He does.
ס, Only stumble, and Yahweh at once supports you,
if others bow you down, He will raise you up.
ע, Patiently all creatures look to You
to feed them throughout the year;
פ, quick to satisfy every need,
You feed them all with a generous hand.
צ, Righteous in all that He does,
Yahweh acts only out of love,
ק, standing close to all who invoke Him,
close to all who invoke Yahweh faithfully.
ר, Those who fear Him need only to ask to be answered;
He hears their cries for help and saves them.
ש, Under His protection the pious are safe,
but Yahweh is destruction to the wicked.
ת, Yahweh's praise be ever in my mouth,
and let every creature bless His holy name
for ever and ever!

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