Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 — Psalm 52

The fate of cynics

For the choirmaster, poem of David, when Do’eg the Edomite went and warned Saul, ‘David has gone to Ahimelech's house.’

Why make a boast of your wickedness,
you champion in villainy,
all day plotting destruction?
Your tongue is razor sharp,
you artist in perfidy!

You prefer evil to good,
lying to honest speech, selah,
you love the destructive word,
perfidious tongue!

That is why God will crush you,
snatch you away for good,
tear you out of your tent,
uproot you from the land of the living, selah.

Dread will seize the virtuous at the sight,
they will laugh at his fate:
‘So much for the man who refused
to make God his fortress,
but relied on his own great wealth
and drew his strength from crime!’

I, for my part, like an olive tree
growing in the house of God,
put my trust in God's love
for ever and ever.

I mean to thank You constantly
for doing what You did,
and put my hope in Your name,
that is so full of kindness,
in the presence of those who love You.

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