Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 — Psalm 18

Song of triumph for the king

For the choirmaster, of David, the servant of Yahweh, who addressed the words of this song To Yahweh at the time when Yahweh delivered him from the power of his enemies and of Saul. He said:

I love You, Yahweh, my strength,
my Savior, You rescue me from violence.

Yahweh is my rock and my bastion,
my deliverer is my God.
I take shelter in Him, my rock,
my shield, my horn of salvation,
my stronghold and my refuge.

From violence You rescue me.

He is to be praised; on Yahweh I call
and am saved from my enemies.

The waves of death encircled me,
the torrents of Belial burst on me;
the cords of She’ol girdled me,
the snares of death were before me.

In my distress I called to Yahweh
and to my God I cried;
from His Temple He heard my voice,
my cry came to His ears.

Then the earth quivered and quaked,
the foundations of the mountains trembled—
they quivered because He was angry—
from His nostrils a smoke ascended,
and from His mouth a fire that consumed,
live embers were kindled at it.

He bent the heavens and came down,
a dark cloud under His feet;
He mounted a cherub and flew,
and soared on the wings of the wind.

Darkness He made a veil to surround Him,
His tent a watery darkness, dense cloud;
before Him a flash enkindled
hail and fiery embers.

Yahweh thundered from heaven,
the Most High made His voice heard;
He let His arrows fly and scattered them,
launched the lightnings and routed them.

The bed of the seas was revealed,
the foundations of the world were laid bare,
at Your muttered threat, Yahweh,
at the blast of Your nostrils' breath.

He sends from on high and takes me,
He draws me from deep waters,
He delivers me from my powerful enemy,
from a foe too strong for me.

They assailed me on my day of disaster,
but Yahweh was my support;
He freed me, set me at large,
He rescued me, since He loves me.

Yahweh requites me as I act justly,
as my hands are pure so He repays me,
since I have kept the ways of Yahweh,
nor fallen away from my God.

His judgments are all before me,
His statutes I have not put from me;
I am blameless in His presence,
I keep sin at arm's length.

And Yahweh repays me as I act justly,
as my purity is in His sight.

Faithful You are with the faithful,
blameless with the blameless,
pure with the one who is pure,
but crafty with the devious,
You save a people that is humble
and humiliate eyes that are haughty.

Yahweh, You Yourself are my lamp,
my God lights up my darkness;
with You I storm the barbican,
with my God I leap the rampart.

This God, His way is blameless;
the Word of Yahweh is without dross.
He it is who is the shield
of all who take shelter in Him.

Who else is God but Yahweh,
who else a rock save our God?
This God who girds me with strength
and makes my way without blame,

who makes my feet like the hinds'
and hold me from falling on the heights,
who trains my hands for battle,
my arms to bend a bow of bronze.

You give me Your saving shield—
Your right hand upholds me, with care You train me—
wide room You make for my steps under me,
my feet have never faltered.

I pursue my enemies and overtake them,
nor turn back till an end is made of them;
I strike them down, and they cannot rise,
they fall, they are under my feet.

You have girt me with strength for the fight,
bent down my assailants beneath me,
made my enemies turn their backs to me;
and those who hate me I destroy.

They cry out, there is no one to save,
to Yahweh, but there is no reply;
I crush them fine as dust before the wind,
trample them like the mud of the streets.

You deliver me from a people in revolt,
You place me at the head of the nations,
a people I did not know are now my servants,

foreigners come wooing my favor,
no sooner do they hear than they obey me,
foreigners grow faint of heart,
they come trembling out of their fastnesses.

Life to Yahweh! Blessed be my rock!
Exalted be the God of my salvation,
the God who gives me vengeance
and subjects the peoples to me,
who rescues me from my raging enemies.

You lift me high above those who attack me,
You deliver me from the man of violence.
For this I will praise You, Yahweh, among the heathen
and sing praise to Your name.

His king He saves and saves again,
displays His love for His anointed,
for David and his heirs for ever.

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