Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 — Psalm 112

In praise of the divine attributes


א, Happy the man who fears Yahweh
ב, by joyfully keeping His commandments!.
ג, Children of such a man will be powers on earth,
ד, descendants of the upright will always be blessed..
ה, There will be riches and wealth for his family,
ו, and His righteousness can never change.
ז, For the upright he shines like a lamp in the dark,
ח, He is merciful, tenderhearted, virtuous.
ט, Interest is not charged by this good man,
י, he is honest in all his dealings.
כ, Kept safe by virtue, he is ever steadfast,
ל, and leaves an imperishable memory behind him;
מ, with constant heart and confidence in Yahweh,
נ, he need never fear bad news.
ס, Steadfast in heart, he overcomes his fears:
ע, in the end he will triumph over his enemies.
פ, Quick to be generous, he gives to the poor,
צ, his righteousness can never change,
ק, men such as this will always be honored,
ר, though this fills the wicked with fury
ש, until, grinding their teeth, they waste away,
ת, vanishing like their vain hopes.

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